Professor T. Scarlett Epstein OBE:

“I was impressed by the friendly and efficient service from the skilled people at Hove HEARING CARE. They supplied me with hearing aids that have the latest technology. This has changed my life.

My declining ability to hear properly had isolated me from society. With the new Hearing Aids I can now not only freely take part in conversations, but also hear in discussions after Public Lectures. I hope that many more people will take advantage of this efficient service to regain their hearing abilities”.



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Case Studies

Case Studies

More worrying are the new studies from John Hopkins hospital and The National Society of Ageing in the USA. These have shown that hearing loss can cause a reduction in brain function including short-term memory impairment and reaction times and decision-making becoming slower. The evidence is building that using hearing aids earlier can delay the onset of dementia.

The study by Dr Frank Lin and his colleagues at John Hopkins Medical Institution in the United States highlighted in the February 2012 issue of Archives of Neurology has found a close relationship between losing your hearing and losing your memory.

For participants aged 60 or over, more than a third of the risk of dementia was associated with hearing loss.

The risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease specifically also increased with hearing loss, such that for every 10 decibels of hearing loss, the extra risk increased by 20%. This link states that anyone with a hearing loss over 25db hl (mild loss) has a 33% higher risk of dementia.

This risk increases as the hearing loss gets worse. Also hearing loss sufferers are 30% more likely to have a fall. This study, amongst others, shows there is now a definite link between hearing loss and dementia. The brain atrophies if it doesn’t receive stimulation. If you do not use it you will lose it!

Please take the time to get a free hearing test and find out. It is straightforward and painless. Don’t delay, get tested and put your mind at rest.