Professor T. Scarlett Epstein OBE:

“I was impressed by the friendly and efficient service from the skilled people at Hove HEARING CARE. They supplied me with hearing aids that have the latest technology. This has changed my life.

My declining ability to hear properly had isolated me from society. With the new Hearing Aids I can now not only freely take part in conversations, but also hear in discussions after Public Lectures. I hope that many more people will take advantage of this efficient service to regain their hearing abilities”.



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Tinnitus is described as the sensation of sound when no sound source is present. If you have ever experienced a ringing or buzzing sensation in your ears then you know the symptoms of tinnitus. About 10% of the UK adult population have permanent tinnitus and it can be very stressful for some.

The causes of tinnitus are still not fully understood but are associated with natural hearing loss, exposure to loud noise causing hearing loss, stress and anxiety, ear infections and some medications.

A cure for tinnitus has yet to be found but using hearing aids for those with hearing loss can help reduce the symptoms of tinnitus.

The extra sound amplification can help mask the symptoms by giving the sufferer more to listen to.

Hearing aids can also reduce the stress of struggling to listen with a hearing loss for some sufferers. Similarly sound therapy provides a distraction by leaving a radio or music on in the background and relaxation techniques can also help by relieving stress and anxiety.

If you are experiencing sudden onset Tinnitus then please consult your GP.